Why a Diploma?

Good Question! If you have come this far, it is easy to identify the personal training industry as confusing with an alphabet soup of certifications and organizations. All of this can be traced to the fitness industry having no public or private regulation. To put this in perspective, every massage therapist needs at least 500 educational hours, barbers retain a state board of examiners and even canine training has a private regulating body.

In comparison, there is no one governing entity determining if you are or are not a personal trainer. So what does one do in this industry?! Simply, you do as much as you can to distinguish yourself. By graduating NPTI, you are educating and credentialing yourself with the highest standard to separate yourself from your peers.Because there is actually schooling and recognition by the Department of Education, NPTI offers a diploma NOT a certification (In the State of Arizona it is called a "Certificate of Completion").

This is considered by many in the industry better than a certification. It also requires no upkeep, while every certification requires continuing education courses--costing tens of thousands dollars in a lifetime. Appropriately, the question eventually becomes "Why not a Diploma?"


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“I feel as though this program prepared me for all aspects of personal training, especially confidence and knowledge. At my current job I am the newest to the personal training field, and do not feel as though I would have been given my job, or even had the confidence to be at my job, without going through this program.”— Erin Feliccia, NPTI Graduate

“When I looked into becoming a personal trainer, I quickly learned there are many ways to become qualified, but only NPTI offered both the technical, classroom education AND the practical learning experience by having to train fellow students or instructors. I realized this type of education would help me be more marketable to employers and, sure enough, I landed my first Personal Trainer's position while still attending my classes at NPTI.”— Stephen Ross, NPTI Graduate