Personal Trainer Certification

Personal Training Certification is the way to sculpt both your body and your career

Personal Trainer Certification in Boston

Do you want to be certified as a personal trainer? The National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) offers you top-level programs for personal training certifications provided by veteran instructors. We’re here to help you advance successfully in the fast-growing personal training industry.

We’re widely known for superior and proven personal training certification programs. All of our programs are created to give students a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of personal training, teaching them to effectively help others to achieve their fitness goals. Those who enroll in our programs are guided by experienced instructors with high standards and impressive success rates.

Our goal is to impart to students the skills to become highly reputable professionals in the personal training industry. The courses we provide are oriented toward giving students a thorough knowledge of both the academic and physical requirements necessary to become great personal trainers. Our job is to turn out the best trainers in the industry.

The courses you’ll take with NPTI have been developed and are taught by fitness and training professionals who have hands-on expertise as well as extensive knowledge of what you’ll experience in you personal training career. With our instructors, you’re always in good and capable hands.

The reputation we’ve earned in the fitness industry comes from our ability to bring the highest level personal trainer certification courses to the general public and our success in molding excellent trainers with the same high standards each of our instructors possesses.

Your instructors and support staff at NPTI have proven expertise in

Through these and other skills and experience, the instructors you’ll work with are capable of providing the most comprehensive training available to individuals seeking personal training certification. Regardless of the specific area you plan to work in, NPTI programs will prepare you thoroughly for success.

Our students have come from all over America for world class personal training certification programs from a recognized industry leader with a track record that speaks for itself. They want to be the best in their careers, and they’ve decided to start their careers with the best instruction.

Most of our newly certified trainers have no problem finding jobs. Upon completing their courses, they are regularly sought out by a wide range of top companies around the world. And to add even more job-placement security, we keep up with the needs and trends within the personal training industry and provide quality job leads to our students along with access to agents from leading placement institutions.

NPTI’s intense, six-month personal trainer certification course will fit into the busy lives of most any prospective student. Class hours are flexible so as not to interfere with work schedules and personal commitments. Financial assistance is available to qualified students, so if you’re low-income, ask us about this when you call.

Discover a Rewarding Career with Personal Training Certification

If you’re tired of dead-end jobs that are unrewarding, it’s time to discover how personal training certification can open up new and exciting opportunities for a great career. Whether you are entrepreneurial minded and want to launch your own business or prefer to work for a fitness company, NPTI’s personal training certification programs will show you the way. If you love the idea of helping others increase their fitness levels and live healthier lives, call us today. In the U.S., call (800) 960-6294. In Canada, call (888) 294-1949.

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“When I looked into becoming a personal trainer, I quickly learned there are many ways to become qualified, but only NPTI offered both the technical, classroom education AND the practical learning experience by having to train fellow students or instructors. I realized this type of education would help me be more marketable to employers and, sure enough, I landed my first Personal Trainer's position while still attending my classes at NPTI.”— Stephen Ross, NPTI Graduate

“I have noticed that the quality of training that NPTI trainers receive is different than an on-line course. The trainers are well prepared and have also had some hands on training with clients, even before they graduate. I have had nothing but success with NPTI and will continue working with them whenever I am need of a great trainer.”— Betty Scarimbolo, Owner, Fitness Together Naperville North