NPTI Kettlebell Training & Suspension Training Certifications

Get certified in NPTI’s Kettlebell Training & Suspension Training courses and take your training and earning potential to the next level!

The following NPTI locations offer certification courses for Suspension Training & Kettle Bell Weight Training:

Kettlebell Training Certification

Learn the art of a 1700 year old training methodology. NPTI Kettle bell training is the fastest growing health and fitness modality in the world! Balance, coordination, power, endurance, stamina & injury prevention. Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity and income potential.

Kettlebell Training Certification

Suspension Training Certification

Suspension Training is a type of body weight exercise in which a variety of multiplanar, compound exercise movements can be performed. These are done with the aim of developing strength, balance, flexibility & joint stability simultaneously.

Suspension Training Certification

The cost of each certification is $300. Please e-mail [email protected] or call 800-960-6294 if you would like a brochure sent to you. We suggest reserving your spot for the class ASAP because SPACE IS LIMITED!


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“When I looked into becoming a personal trainer, I quickly learned there are many ways to become qualified, but only NPTI offered both the technical, classroom education AND the practical learning experience by having to train fellow students or instructors. I realized this type of education would help me be more marketable to employers and, sure enough, I landed my first Personal Trainer's position while still attending my classes at NPTI.”— Stephen Ross, NPTI Graduate

“I have noticed that the quality of training that NPTI trainers receive is different than an on-line course. The trainers are well prepared and have also had some hands on training with clients, even before they graduate. I have had nothing but success with NPTI and will continue working with them whenever I am need of a great trainer.”— Betty Scarimbolo, Owner, Fitness Together Naperville North