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Personal Training Certifications From the National Personal Training Institute

Having a recognized national personal training certification will dramatically set you apart from ordinary personal trainers. NPTI is the first and largest personal training school in the world. We have certified thousands of personal trainers and have changed the way these trainers educate themselves. Our personal training certification programs open many doors for our graduates. Be a part of our NPTI family, and become one among the most hirable trainers on the market.

At NPTI Fitness, we offer classroom settings where you will gain practical knowledge covering all areas of health to distinguish you from your peers. Students at NPTI are passionate about physical health through exercise and eating habits as well as mental health. Our program also provides our students with the opportunity to get in shape while receiving an education toward a personal trainer certificate.

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Become a Personal Fitness Trainer and Get In Shape While Going To School.

  • Get into the best shape of your life while earning an education.
  • Train for a rewarding career as a personal fitness trainer.
  • 200 hours of hands-on gym time.
  • Attend a residential program.
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Gain a New Career in Six Months at a Location Near You.

  • Classes are offered to fit your busy schedule.
  • 300 hours of classroom instruction.
  • Financial assistance is offered to those who qualify.
  • Job placement assistance is available to all graduates.

Not Your Typical National Personal Training Certification

The National Personal Training Institute teaches comprehensive fitness courses designed to educate students in every facet of health. We employ a team of highly skilled instructors and trainers who are devoted to helping you achieve your personal trainer certificate and find success in the field. NPTI’s highly motivated team keeps a close eye on job demands and provides job assistance to our certified graduates.

NPTI trainers and support staff have remarkable expertise in bodybuilding, weight training, personal training, and exercise physiology, which allows students to quickly adapt and excel in their respective areas. As a result, graduates receiving their certifications are well rounded and fully prepared for the world of fitness training.

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“I feel as though this program prepared me for all aspects of personal training, especially confidence and knowledge. At my current job I am the newest to the personal training field, and do not feel as though I would have been given my job, or even had the confidence to be at my job, without going through this program.”— Erin Feliccia, NPTI Graduate

“NPTI had the right mix of science, theory and practical application of exercise science and program design. The value I received far exceeded the dollars and time I invested. My experience and what I learned at NPTI have been a vital part of my success in business and in life!”— Pam Strand, NPTI Graduate